There's an APE for that

Described by her creators, Piaggio as unique, perky and nimble (her adopted parents at Liquid Liberation are in firm agreement!), the Piaggio APE (ap-eh Italian for bee, it's all about the noise) was born a member of the ‘sub-micro van’ species originating from both India and Italy. Commonly known as pick-ups or auto-rickshaws they run vital errands wherever they are needed.

Due to their pinky-dinky-cuteness, it’s no surprise Mrs Miggins' many cousins find themselves dotted around the world in some glorious, special corners. We've been choosing our top ten uses of APEs over many evening of research all supported by the odd glass of wine...

10. Hungry at the end of the day? Who isn't? Conchetta is here to help with pizzas straight from the oven.

9. The gauntlet has been thrown and you're sick of your other half telling you what a bad driver you are - get out and prove them wrong with a day's racing.

8. Bath time is boring, kids are soap dodgers - bring in the APE.

7. Friends telling you of the brilliant 'glamping' holiday they've been on to the Cotswolds. Don't be out done, camp in style.

6. Sunny afternoons need ice cream. Keep it fresh and cool.

5. Horse seen you eating and getting peckish itself? There's an APE for that.

4. Get around town in style - Cuba style.

3. Dogs that are dog tired need help too. Your dog too big for a handbag? (Check out Mrs Miggins in action at 1m 22s)

2. Not one that you may need every day, but when that special time arrives and you just have to move an elephant.

1. At number one it could be none other than our own fantastic Mrs Miggins. Wine, beer and fizz on tap a perfect blend of functionality and fun. We couldn't be prouder!

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