A Street Car Named Miggins

Now we all know Dogs Die in Hot Cars (although perhaps not since their last album dates back to 2008) but fear not because Battersea dogs and cats home long-since found a solution – the dog transporter AKA the now revived Mrs Miggins - !

Check her out in her former days of national service... (1 min 21 secs in, you’ll hardly recognise her!)

The journey from trusty shuttle bus for the fabulous Battersea Dogs & Cats Home ferrying stars and Paul O'Grady's around Battersea to her new life in the North has been one of fun, love, laughter and everything in between.

If only #Piaggio's could talk!

#MrsMiggins has now undergone a transformation ready to take on the world of wine.

Today Mrs Miggins went for her first MOT as a wine van.

It makes us quite nervous to think of all the scrutiny she’s under not only having to look her gleaming gorgeous presentable self, now the days of only needing to anticipate shabby coats and wet dog smells are over, BUT there’s also the DUI risk to factor in now! I wonder how long her cherry-wood (what wood?) flanks will take to rid themselves of the occasional alcohol soaking?

Joking aside, we hope you’ll soon become as fond of our Mrs Miggins as we are and she’ll before long find as much fame and fortune in her new guise as some of her free-styling Piaggio family and friends have been doing for nearly 4 generations.

#MrsMiggins #Piaggio #Wine #Van #Battersea #MOT

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